Societa Beato Giovanni Liccio – Chicago

In 1925 a group of Caccamesi living in Chicago formed the Societa Beato Giovanni Liccio with the mission to promote and foster the teachings of the patron of their home town, Beato Giovanni Liccio di Caccamo, Sicily, who spent his life helping the needy and the poor. The society strives to preserve, adapt, promote, and disseminate the teachings of Beato Giovanni Liccio and the traditions, heritage, and culture of our beloved Caccamo for our children and future generations.

Currently the Societa has well over 200 members, formed a women’s division, and built a Chapel in Chicago that houses a Relic of the Beato. All indications are that the Societa will continue for many years to come thanks to the many young men and ladies members that continue to dedicate their time and effort in honor of Beato Giovanni.